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Advanced Editing

Are you looking for a very High-Quality retouch for your portrait photo?

I will professionally retouch your portrait photo to make it truly stand out and be the best it can be. My goal is to always achieve a professional and natural look for your portraits, and I will be using Photoshop to get the best results possible for you. There is a lot of customization available with this option so be sure to be clear with your retouching desires.nt? Send me a message.

Advanced Editing Includes:

  • Lighting/Color correction

  • Sharpen

  • Enhance eyes, hair, lips, and teeth, makeup, jewelry

  • Dodge & burn

  • Contour

  • Reduce sun highlights

  • Remove wrinkles, pimples, blemishes, scars...

  • Natural and even skin color

  • Fly-away hair removal


Bonus Features Included:

Let me know in "Special Instructions" what you want done.

  • Crop

  • Lens correction

  • Background removal or change

  • Remove objects or people

  • Adjust the color of hair, clothing, jewelry, objects...

  • Makeup editing

  • Removing dust, spots, scratches

  • Minor body sculpting

  • Image expansion

  • Image upscaling


Any questions? Need something else done to your photo? Need a Bulk Discount? Send me a message.

Order now for as low as $25!
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*If your Images are Larger then 15 MB, Please E-Mail them to me.

Thanks for your order!

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